Joyful Noise (2012)

Story : Two choir members withstand differing views on how to succeed the centralized choir competition.

Directed by : Todd Graff

Release Date : 2012

Cast : Queen Latifah as Vi Rose Hill, Kris Kristofferson as Bernard Sparrow, Dolly Parton as G.G. Sparrow, Keke Palmer as Olivia More...

Contraband (2012)

Story : The cutthroat underground globe of international smuggling – choked with anxious criminals with corrupt officials, high-stakes with immense payoffs – where loyalty infrequently exists with kicking of the bucket is lone unsuitable flip away.

Directed by : Baltasar Kormákur

Release Date More...

The Devil Inside (2012)

Story : In Italy, a improper woman becomes drawn up inside a battery of unauthorized exorcisms all through her undertaking to notice whatever came to pass to her mother, who supposedly wiped out three human beings all through her own exorcism.

Directed by : William Brent Bell

Release Date : More...

Loosies (2012/II)

Story : A little pickpocket inside the New York subways, existing a fast, free, existence is confronted by a grown person plus whom he knowledgeable a lone hour of darkness affair.

Directed by : Michael Corrente

Release Date : 2012

Cast : Peter Facinelli as Bobby, Christy Carlson More...

k-911 (2011)

Story : Following an ambush, LAPD's improve on cop/canine twosome get house of framed as a misdeed they didn't commit. With time…

Directed by : Neil Daly

Release Date : 2011

Cast : Blake Adams as Samantha, Danielle Bertoli as Brandi Kane, Kelley Bertoli as Candy More...

Hardly Beloved (2011)

Story : Frustrated by his promiscuous lady plus haunted by memoirs of an obnoxious stepfather, Chad's self-esteem is at an all-time low…

Directed by : Mark Baranowski

Release Date : 2011

Cast : Mark Baranowski as Chad Podosek, Teri Weigel as Cynthia Podosek, Michael More...

Killer Priest (2011)

Story : Plot Summary Not Found

Directed by : Anonymous

Release Date : 2011

Cast : Damian Chapa as Joseph, Vanessa Nachtmann, Dena Welter as Mickey, Nathaniel Nose as Priest, Phil Sky, Drew Allan Cicconi as Joseph Abet, Adela de Guaule as La bourjoise, Eric Andersen as Dr. Petsula, More...

Biohazard (Zombie Apocalypse) (2011)

Story : In the end, We devastated ourselves. One mans rummage around to exterminate the globe as nonetheless as restructure it inside his own image.

Directed by : Clay Von Thomas

Release Date : 2011

Cast : Londale Theus as Harold, Christian Mante as Rick, Brooke Bennett as Jasmine More...

Internal Behaviors Part 2: The Regurgitation (2011)

Story : Jack is on the search given that the killers of his paramount friend. He meets each other inside a barn. When he is overcome, he is assisted by the authorities.

Directed by : Mark Schaefer

Release Date : 2011

Cast : Chris Andres as Johnny, Brandon Shealy as Jack, Christina More...

Friends for Eternity (2011) (V)

Story : How far-flung could you depart to carry your relief forever?

Directed by : Ryan Amendt

Release Date : 2011

Cast : Fernando Paiz as Howard, Victor Phan as Robert

Category : Short, Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller

Other Details : 3 min / USA More...