The Domino Effect (2012/II)

Release Date : 2012
Directed by : Anonymous
Category : Action
Run Time : 78min More...

Pharmakon (2012/I)

Story : A little professor at Yale inside the 1950’s strives to fashion a dose that will “cure unhappiness.”
Directed by : Joni Shanaj
Release Date : 2012
Cast : Klevis Bega, Olta Gixhari, Niko Kanxheri, Vasil Goda, Pano Aliu
Category : Drama
Other Details : Albania:134 min / More...

Hunter (2012/I)

Story : Two friends vie since the thought of a stranger who passes out at their doorstep.
Directed by : Ian Samplin
Release Date : 2012
Cast : Giles Matthey, Amos Poe, Jack Falahee, Quinn Meyers, Ella Hatamian, Michael Hobbs, Pedro Carmo, Torrey Berkson, Bianca Rutigliano, Elizabeth Limberakis
Category : More...

Bakor Putek (2012)

Story : The Story is everything with points to the superstitions succeeding inside the Assamese community also its impact on the lives of frequent people…
Directed by : Chandra Mudoi
Release Date : 2012
Cast : Raag Ainitam, Amal Barua, Manika Das, Akashdeep Deka, Angurlata Deka
Category : Comedy

Angel Lips (2012)

Story : ‘Angel Lips’ is a silent, hypnotic, reverie that wriggles along with gyrates between analog along with digital realms…
Directed by : Zoe Barcza
Release Date : 2012
Category : Sci-Fi
Other Details : 86 min / Germany More...

Noces (Stravinsky/Ramuz) (2012)

Directed by : Philippe Béziat
Release Date : 2012
Cast : Dominique Reymond, Mirella Giardelli, Olga Kokorina, Miléna Duflo, Roger Jendly, Julie Martin du Theil, Damien Bigourdan, Annastina Malm, Frédéric Caton
Category : Action
Other Details : 92 min / France | Switzerland / Les Films Pelléas More...

Wolf Head (2012)

Story : Some of us advanced unsleeping on the streets. Some of us on no account advanced up.
Directed by : Ryan Staples Scott
Release Date : 2012
Cast : Emoly West, Laurie Cummings, Lucas Ross, Tyler Roberds, Cait Brasel, Jonathan Grant, Ty McCarthy, Joel McCloskey, Ryan Bellgardt, Michael Scott Gordon, Michaela More...

Stem the Tide (2012)

Story : Faced also various decisions inside life, one and only lady must variety a election that will not simply traumatize his continuation nonetheless everything those concerning him…
Directed by : Geoffrey Locke, Adam Liam McCleery
Release Date : 2012
Cast : Allison Johnson, Peter Frawley, Adam Liam McCleery, More...

Dom Zauvijek (2012)

Story : During the Homeland War (1991-1995) Croatia was ruined also assessments ranging cherish 20-25% of its national economy destroyed…
Directed by : Andi Reiss
Release Date : 2012
Category : War
Other Details : 83 min / UK / Yellow More...

El capitan Orellana y la aldea endemoniada (2012)

Directed by : Javier Tessari
Release Date : 2012
Cast : Andrea Ayala, Jorge Bac, Yolanda Coronado, José Mario Massella, Jairon Salguero, Marva Weatherborn
Category : Comedy
Other Details : Guatemala More...