Lunas cautivas (2012)

Directed by : Marcia Paraiso

Release Date : 2012

Run Time : 96min

Category : Action

Country : Argentina More...

The Life and Times of Jacob Flynn (2012)

Directed by : Chris Brimhall

Release Date : 2012

Cast : Joseph Batzel

Category : Western

Other Details : USA / Ghost Rider Productions More...

Música ocular (2012)

Directed by : José Antonio Cordero

Release Date : 2012

Run Time : 82min

Category : Drama

Country : Mexico / Al Fondo del Callejón More...

Insomnambulists (2012)

Story : ‘Insomnambulists’ is a feature-length comedy-drama that lets us make it to recognize the meaning of warmth also diverse misconceptions around it.

Directed by : Jay Spencer

Release Date : 2012

Cast : Pia Brunhart, Josh Burdett, Wolfgang Decker, Petra Feilen, More...

Stalker Stalkers (2012)

Story : Two buddies get your workforce on off on finding out grown persons who are someone stalked – also stalking their stalker, in spite of the truth they’re not valid detectives.

Directed by : Chad Fakio

Release Date : 2012

Cast : Chad Fakio, Steve McClean, Jocelyn More...

The Mirror of the Muse: My Pretty Doll (2012)

Writer : Yûichi Fukuda

Release Date : 2012

Cast : Rino Sashihara, Narushi Ikeda, Aya Hirano, Nako Mizusawa, Moe Arai, Mao Ueda, Hana Hizuki, Terunosuke Takezai, Daisuke Namikawa, Hélène Hayama, Norihisa Hiranuma, Takeshi Ishimoto, Nozomi Muraoka, Yuka Ohnishi, Hiroshi Ookouchi, Michael More...

Tabakoi – tabako de hajimaru koi monogatari (2012)

Directed by : Michinari Nakagawa

Release Date : 2012

Cast : Kumiko Endo, Akira Hibino, Zen Kajiwara, Haruna Kondô, Naoki Matayoshi, Aya Nagase, Ryuuji Sainei, Akira Sakamoto, Tomoharu Shoji

Category : Comedy

Other Details : Japan / Tokyo Broadcasting System More...

B.O.Y.D. (2012)

Story : Set critical the 2003 northeast blackout, “B.O.Y.D.” follows a heading of 20-somethings for they embark…

Directed by : Matthew Lorentz

Release Date : 2012

Cast : Lori Bateman, Christopher Brechtel, Kimberly Buchner, Robert A. Gott, Steven Kellner, Aaron More...

Stuck (2012/IV)

Story : Born in addition to raised inside Hollywood, our teen heroine Jess Hart chooses to crop up her fantasize of realizing reputation indoor the New York authoring scene…

Directed by : Michael Courtney, Cody Kennedy

Release Date : 2012

Cast : Cody Kennedy, Aaron Dean More...

Soqiokqi (2012)

Story : You’ve heard with questions to ominous inside our homes, our schools, on line, also on our streets. We are troubled with questions to the suicide deaths of our children…

Release Date : 2012

Run Time : 95 min

Category : Drama

Country :  Canada | Jamaica | More...