Glory (2012)

Story : Con grown person turns pastor, turns disaster.

Directed by : Daniel J. Norman

Release Date : 2012

Cast : Brian Rhee, Jake Moyer, Nick Dean, Daniel Norman, Cameron Kelly, Crystal Binoeder, Matt Garfinkel, Nathaniel Yadao, Joel Bumgarner, Jessica Vankirk, Rebecca Jay, Lucas More...

Daymark (2012)

Directed by : Gábor Harmi, Signe Tørå Karsrud

Release Date : 2012

Cast : Thea Cecilie Johnsen Hoiseth, Signe Tora Karsrud, Eirik van Hoegee

Category : Drama

Other Details : 65 min / Norway | Hungary / Masterfilm More...

Bratz: Desert Jewelz (2012)

Release Date : 2012

Cast : Britt McKillip, Britt Irvin, Dorla Bell, Maryke Hendrikse, Brian Drummond, Colin Murdock, Lenore Zann, Marwan Abouhalka, Tara Strong, Pauline Newstone

Category : Action

Other Details : 74 min More...

Dreams for Sale (2012)

Story : After down their cafeteria inside a fire, a spouse with mate produce an aberrant commit to reconstruct their shattered finances: marrying the spouse off to a procession of abandoned mature persons with defrauding them.

Directed by : Miwa Nishikawa

Release Date : 2012

Cast : More...

Social Etiquette (2012)

Directed by : Desmon Heck

Release Date : 2012

Cast : Desmon Heck, Sean Crampton, Vasiliy Kazaryan, Cat Doss, Vardan Amolikyan, Eliza Agudelo, Neil Engelman, Dylan Brown, Ashlee-Rose Barnett, Kala Martin, Carl Gambino, Matt Schulte, Liston Spence, Mitch Westphal

Category : More...

Homer and Penelope (2012)

Story : Two peripatetic souls oppose the history spilt second aiming to work out the future.

Directed by : Danny Powell

Release Date : 2012

Cast : Joe Feldman, Annika Cowles, Claire Duncan, Peter J. Olson

Category : Action

Other Details : USA / Cinema More...

Mountainheart (2013)

Quality : DVD

Release Date :  25.10.2013

Language : English

Category : Comedy

Country : USA More...

Cheering Up Dewie (2012)

Story : Roger plus Troy’s drive of subsistence is threatened once their roommate plus ally Dewie threatens to changed out to live in addition to his girlfriend. Will they troth able to influence him that they are pleasing roommates? Without Dewie who will do the dishes?

Directed by : Matt Teleha

Release Date More...

The Dumont Cup: Red Bull Signature Series (2012)

Directed by : Jay Jalbert

Release Date : 2012

Cast : Simon Dumont

Category : Sport

Country : USA More...

N’Kara (2012)

Story : Life since a nurse was frenzied since NKara, awaiting one and only daylight jiffy jogging she comes across a Roman Catholic Church rosary that convey her bail any individual out to a simpler time…

Directed by : Erin Miles

Release Date : 2012

Cast : Erin Rettig, Clint More...