Flow: Rise and Fall (2013)

Story : After the kicking of the bucket of both of his brothers, one and only to a struggle also one and only suicide inside front of Andy, he was sent into a self-destructive spiral of despair…

Writers : Francesca Gregory, Will Gregory

Release Date : 2012

Cast : Will Gregory, Nigel More...

Resolution (2012/II)

Directed by : Paul David Anthony

Release Date : 2012

Cast : Paul David Anthony, Kim A. Scofield, Ben Kriskey, Will Mathews

Category : Comedy

Other Details : USA:95 min / USA / PDA Productions More...

Mar de Fondo (2012)

Directed by : Raúl Quintanilla

Release Date : 2012

Cast : Sergio Basañez, Julio Bracho, Aura Cristina Geithner

Category : Drama

Run Time : 92 min

Country : Mexico More...

La piel y el alma (2012)

Directed by : Marc Nadal

Release Date : 2012

Cast : Núria Molina, Montserrat Ocaña

Category : Drama

Country : Spain More...

Sadie Clove (2012)

Story : Sadie Clove, a teen girl, begins receiving incidents she cannot explain, actions she has no basis for, plus mental pictures that are not her own. Are these occurrences a end product of her past, or is something darker responsible?

Directed by : Kenneth Hurd

Release Date : 2012

Cast More...

There Was Once a Bitter Bastard (2012)

Story : Dr. Gavin H. Grant has theoretical an article of software which (he believes) would generate focal talent enhanced than any human…

Directed by : Tristan Newcomb

Release Date : 2012

Cast : Ryan Bulis, Jared Flores, Nick Loewen, Tristan Newcomb, Mariana Prestigiacomo, More...

Watchtower (2012)

Story : A grown-up furthermore a man looking for cover indulge in the world: Nihat at a distant woodland fire tower, Seher inside her area at a rural bus station. When their lives collide, each at this time has to battle their drive of moral sense ahead of the other.

Directed by : Pelin Esmer

Release Date More...

The Naughty Room (2012)

Story : Child abuse, medication abuse, young masturbation, one another pity, heartache, redemption along with how to put off a soiled sock if you eventuate to engagement locked in of a bathroom.

Directed by : Cosmo Jarvis

Release Date : 2012

Cast : David Egan, Cosmo Jarvis, Tom More...

Siodmak (2012)

Story : A Modern Frankenstein Film, pool inside New York City, where a previous cop, a medical expert along with a on the internet stringer must find out the harrowing hush hush at the rear of a sequence killer’s actions that contain the Big Apple inside a prolonged claim of fear.

Directed by : Nicholas More...

Winds (2013)

Story : Murat is a adult recordist who lives inside Istanbul. He types an impromptu characteristic inside his documents between a grandmother along with a grandchild, which becomes a misstep to the family’s history to improve their ties.

Directed by : Selim Evci

Release Date : More...