Voyeurs (2013)

Story : Voyeurs is an Norwegian drama thriller around psychic men. It is an autonomous sequence in addition to view on DV. The chronicle is around a psychic man, Samuel who falls inside love, nevertheless his capability gets inside the street of a boring life.

Directed by : Raymond Dullum

Release Date : More...

Peking Willow (2013)

Story : A teen Chinese grown-up person income to his place of birth subsequent to 20 years, eager to reconnect and a adolescence friend…

Directed by : Steven Ye

Release Date : 2013

Cast : Jingjing Qu, Dongheng Li, Peng Jiao, Yang Jiang

Category : Drama, More...

Kaddipudi (2013)

Directed by : Soori

Release Date : 2013

Cast : Shivarajkumar, Radhika Pandit, Rangayana Raghu, Anant Nag, Rajesh Ratana Ranga, Balu Nagendra, Avinash, Sharath Lohitashwa, Girija Lokesh, Renuka Prasad, Aindrita Ray

Category : Action, Drama, Romance

Country : India More...

Shawn’s Big Decision (2013)

Story : A layabout cannot fix climatic conditions or not to expend the sunlight hours at the beach.

Directed by : Shawn Watson

Release Date : 2013

Cast : Shawn Watson

Category : Action

Other Details : 75 min / Splatterhouse Flicks More...

Sombras de Azul (2013)

Story : In the wake of her brother’s suicide, a immature Mexican man intervals to the location he’d ceaselessly dreamt of moving – Cuba – where…

Directed by : Kelly Daniela Norris

Release Date : 2013

Cast : Adelaida Borges Fernandez, Seedne Bujaidar, More...

East Stackton (2013)

Story : Carroll Whitfield is an bare lodge executing for the basis that the House with Home hardware chain store chain. His newest assignment…

Directed by : Sean Farina

Release Date : 2013

Cast : Jared Bankens, Belinda Gosbee, Mike Mayo, Jack Gamble, Julie Zebley, Wynter More...

The Private Life of Marilyn Monroe (2013)

Story : Marilyn Monroe, since a young, alien actress is distinguished striving to acquire an audition bit handling feelings…

Directed by : Gary LeGault

Release Date : 2013

Cast : Dorothy Blass, Carlissa Hayden, Phillip A. LeGault

Category : More...

Live for Today (2013)

Story : A flouted obligation eliminates a seventeen year-old boy sip a suicidal direction of self-destruction. Will the patience of a tutor along with the care of a missy troth adequate to until him?

Directed by : Del Flores

Release Date : 2013

Cast : Kristin McKenzie, Zulema More...

Insomniac Theatre (2013)

Story : This isn’t cleanly a film that we’re striving to craft excluding an event. An occasion that is proposed to bring about beef up the finish lot of your holding pleasures by situating you inside gloom that has been pledged plus haunted by millions the American Theater.

Directed by : Andretti More...

My Bloody Bachelorette (2013)

Directed by : Tomasz Kurek

Release Date : 2013

Cast : Rocco Salata, Sarah Winstanley, Tiffany Rice, James S. Marshall, Alexandra Crenian, Gillian Wetherald, Marcus Goencz, Felicia Simone, Kim Sakkal, Amanda Lynn Juhl, Vittorio Cortese

Category : Thriller

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