La festa (2013)

Directed by : Simone Scafidi
Release Date : 2013
Cast : Vittoria Bocca Gelsi, Thomas Cibelli, Riccardo Cicogna, Andrea Consonni, Micol Donghi, Niccolò Gentili, Susanna Giaroli, Roisin Grieco, Romolo Guerreri, Lavinia Longhi, Matilde Maggio, Ivan Marasco, Alessandra Sartania
Category : Thriller
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Ops kossa dappa 3 (2013)

Directed by : K. Annan
Release Date : 2013
Cast : Amber Chia, Kadhal Dhandabani, Priyanka Kothari, Loganathan, Buveni Ann Mayan, Jasmine Michael, Nilasha Ravindren, Sasikumar
Category : Action, Adventure, Comedy
Other Details : 153 min / Malaysia / ATV Pictures More...

Arise (2013/II)

Story : A range of people at large fixed inside a virtual veracity world.
Directed by : Rob Gladstone
Release Date : 2013
Cast : Scott Jefferies
Category : Animation, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Other Details : 93 min / USA More...

Waiting (2013/II)

Directed by : Simone Orlandini
Release Date : 2013
Cast : Teresa Di Paolo, Gary Lewis
Category : Drama
Other Details : 84 min / Germany / Rebis Film More...

The Survivor (2013)

Story : Hezi, a foot soldier inside an made misdeed organization, with Nina, spouse of the sturdy boss, set out as one on a yacht…
Directed by : Shimon Shai
Release Date : 2013
Cast : Moshe Ivgy, Luca Shaked, Neta-li Soker, Roni Yaniv, Haim Znati
Category : Crime, Drama
Other Details : 75 More...

Living Lost (2013)

Story : CEO Gene Timbault finds that danger can troth cleanly anything he incorporate to wake unsleeping to a living enhanced than he still imagined.
Directed by : Jon Bessire
Release Date : 2013
Cast : Arman Ali, Kimberley Anjal, San Francisco, Fabio Aquino, Daphne Bach, Donna Bach, Nelson Bertholi, Jon Bessire, More...

Grey Room (2013)

Story : ‘Sometimes the topics we expectation the more or less are the topics we in no way catch a glimpse coming’ Susan Wilcox, a beautiful…
Directed by : Preston Walden
Release Date : 2013
Cast : Chip Barletto, Aurora Daniels, Audrey Hayes, Anna May, Katherine Michelle, Morgan Middlebrook, John More...

Une histoire banale (2013)

Story : Nathalie, 32 existence old, is a flow of the mill lady of her epoch thoroughly inside warmth as well as her boyfriend. But her…
Directed by : Audrey Estrougo
Release Date : 2013
Cast : Marie-Sohna Conde, Marie Denarnaud, Aurore Broutin, Oumar Diaw, Renaud Astegiani
Category : Drama

Fashion Story (2013)

Directed by : Sayaka Nakamura
Release Date : 2013
Cast : Tsubasa Honda, Seira Kagami, Mayuko Kawakita, Misaki Ikeda, Reina Ikehata, Yôzaburô Itô, Tou Katsu, Alex Keigo, Yû Koyanagi, Shinji Matsubayashi, Ayane Nagabuchi, Nanaka, Nicola, Mikan Ogino, Saako Ohmura, Nagisa Ohshima, Mio Ohtani, Yuki Sakurai, Kaede Serikawa, Jun More...

I Killed Santa (2013)

Story : Timmy is dependent on Christmas plus dresses wide awake for Santa Claus 24/7 – 365. When Timmy finds out he’s…
Directed by : Dick Jane
Release Date : 2013
Cast : Matt Bingham, Devin Werder, Riley Werder, Camille Werder, John Castilone
Category : Drama, Horror
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