Hotspot: Log in at Own Risk (2013)

Story : Have you constantly wished contented bicentennial to any person who is before now dead? Hotspot is a element movie that shows…

Directed by : Vitor Vilela

Release Date : 2013

Cast : Nick Meaney

Category : Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Thriller

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Available (2014)

Directed by : Les Mahoney

Release Date : 2014

Cast : Les Mahoney, Gerold Wunstel, Leslie Pastura-Heil, Jana Podlipná, Rosalinda The Number One Dog, Lea Baader, Pavlina d’Amore, Marius Rudy, Volkmar Ziche, Konrad Herz

Category : Drama, Thriller

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Somos Mari Pepa (2013)

Story : We are Mari Pepa was born of the got to product a tribute to my grandmother, the district where I grow up…

Directed by : Samuel Kishi

Release Date : 2013

Cast : Alejandro Gallardo, Arnold Ramírez, Moisés Galindo, Rafael Andrade, Petra Iñiguez More...

No Beginning, No End (2013)

Directed by : Shunya Ito

Release Date : 2013

Cast : Mizuki Doki, Ken Furusawa, Kon Hirata, Daisuke Iijima, Shiho Ishihara, Hironobu Kitazawa, Takuzô Kubikukuri, Motomi Makiguchi, Taijirô Tamura, Min Tanaka

Category : Drama

Other Details : 95 min / Japan / Itô More...

Lights Out (2013/I)

Story : When Mark Daniels, a 33 per annum old-time born with bred Londoner with conjugal father to Rebekha, 6, rapidly loses his trade beyond 15 existence at Canon Construction…

Directed by : Adam Shaw

Release Date : 2013

Cast : Kelly Ann Bourne, Andy Demetrio, Joe Elias, More...

The Accuser (2013)

Story : When a gentleman just once scorned believes her spouse is cheating on her again, she operates to harsh arrangements to whole it.

Release Date : 2013

Cast : Kristy Butler, Ro Griffin, Walter Hendrix, Trevondria Perry, George Pringle, Shaquita Smith

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Salaam Cinema (2013)

Directed by : Nishikant Dalabehera

Release Date : 2013

Cast : Sambit Acharya, Debjani, Bobby Mishra

Category : Drama

Other Details : India / Chakadola Production More...

Asteroide (2014)

Directed by : Marcelo Tobar

Release Date : 2014

Cast : Sophie Alexander-Katz, Arturo Barba, Sofía Espinosa, Ari Brickman, Claudia Ríos

Category : Drama

Other Details : 102 min / Mexico / Bolchevique! More...

Becoming Red (2013)

Story : Murders inside the preceding 24 hours plus a get a whiff of brings Detective Ryan Hart recognizing their patterns. When she finds its supplementary complicated once the killer is consequently about to her.

Release Date : 2013

Cast : Mark Casimir Dyniewicz, Lauran Doverspike, Debra Haden, Jennifer More...

Disappearing Landscape (2013)

Story : Immigrants inside three variegated plights arrange to contemplate the ignored or on no account usual facets between their latest plus old-time homelands.

Directed by : Vladimir Todorovic

Release Date : 2013

Cast : Machida Hiroyuki, Bobbi Chen, Peter Vasiljevic, Adam Vukovic, More...