Signals 3 (2014)

Directed by : Carlos Etzio Roman
Release Date : 2014
Cast : Carlos Etzio Roman, Sharon Carpenter-Rose, Henry Hickerson, Mary Amerson, Deirdre Milano, Benny Roman, Danny D’Amico, Earl Burton, Gary McDaniel, Terry McConnaughey, Shannon Lanier
Category : Action
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Get Together (2013)

Story : Liu Liang-Liang is to a little degree missy born inside an Army dependents’ neighborhood inside Taipei City.
Directed by : Chin-Cheng Lu
Release Date : 2013
Cast : Akio Chen, Nana Chiang, Winnie Chien, Hong Lei, Jun-Shu Wang, Debby Yang
Category : Comedy, Drama, Family
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Se Deus Vier Que Venha Armado (2014)

Directed by : Luis Dantas
Release Date : 2013
Cast : Vinícius de Oliveira, Luiz Adelmo Manzano, André Franco, Ariclenes Barroso, Clayton Mariano, Leonardo Santiago
Other Details : Brazil / Plano Geral Produções Artísticas e Cinematográficas More...

Juan y Vanesa (2014)

Story : When Juan, a 35-year-old truck driver learns he has a daughter, he decides to develop into responsible. He…
Directed by : Ianis Guerrero
Release Date : 2014
Cast : Fabián Robles, Rodolfo Palacios, Fermín Martínez, Eduardo Ocaña, Diana Aguilar, Roberto Sabines, Karen Martí, Ricardo Ian

Kisah 3 titik (2013)

Directed by : Boby Prabowo
Release Date : 2013
Cast : Donny Alamsyah, Hafez Ali, Lola Amaria, Ence Bagus, Rangga Djoned, Dimas Hary, Gary M. Iskak, Joshua Pandelaki, Lukman Sardi, Gesata Stella, Maryam Supraba, Ingrid Widjanarko
Category : Drama
Other Details : 104 min / Indonesia / Lola Amaria More...

Blackout (2013/VI)

Story : A grown person has wasted his memory. He has no suggestion who is is, why he has woken wakeful inside a grungy motel room, or why kinsfolk are striving to eradicate him.
Directed by : Douglas Monce
Release Date : 2013
Cast :  Toby Ambrose, Katherine Stewart, Tracy Timm, Fred Gerle, Aaron Ginn-Forsberg, More...