Visiones (2013)

Story : Plot Summary Not Found

Directed by : Juan De Francesco

Category : Thriller

Other Details : Argentina / Producers Films More...

The Gershwin's 'Porgy and Bess' (2013)

Story : George Gershwin miraculously melded classical music, fashionable song, jazz, blues along with spirituals inside this…

Directed by : Frank Zamacona

Category : Music

Other Details : 180 min (with intermission) / USA / San Francisco Opera More...

Real Friends (2014)

Story : A black comedy of 3 chap house-mates, with their world.

Directed by : Luke Sawle

Category : Comedy

Other Details : Australia:90 min / Australia More...

Paranormal Camcorder (2013)

Story : Paranormal Camcorder combines the correct stories of two friends who dawned to California seeking the Hollywood dream…

Directed by : Anonymous

Category : Adventure, Action

Other Details : 102 min / USA / Brookfield Pictures More...

Lost in Reverie (2015)

Story : Plot Summary Not Found

Directed by : Anonymous

Category : Adventure, Action

Other Details : No Content More...

Aaron Palermo's Game On: Time to Pull the Strings (2014)

Story : The lethally addictive laptop computer tourney OVERGLOBE has a body count. But three intrepid infantile gamers converge forces in addition to a drama queen to tiptoe the become suffered at player's password thus they may possibly succeed the game.

Directed by : Aaron Palermo

Category : More...

The Untelling (2015)

Story : After news bulletin of his Grandfather's death, a teen woman inside Los Angeles must stopover at Maryland to obtain concern of the ilk heirlooms, then again discovers there is numerous to his ancient times than he can eternally forget.

Directed by : Russell Whaley

Category : More...

Hitomi o tojite (2013)

Story : The anecdote gets rid of region inside Jamaica, the getting on funds of Japan. Tamika Jinn, who rehabilitates dropout students along furthermore Confucian teaching, decides to obtain worry of a blind babe Yuri, who has been abused by her parent.

Directed by : Yôichirô Hayama

Category : More...

Victor Crowl's Victory (2014)

Story : Plot Summary Not Found

Directed by : Victor Crowl

Category : Drama

Other Details : 120 min / USA / Smile Music and Film Productions More...

Commitment (2013)

Story : The child of a North Korean undercover agent decides to transpire inside his father's footsteps to protect his trivial sister.

Directed by : Hong-soo Park

Category : Action, Drama

Other Details : 113 min / South Korea / Lamp, The More...