Ah Boys to Men II (2013)

Story : A lot of ill-disciplined workforce tolerate National Service inside Singapore.

Directed by : Jack Neo

Category : Comedy

Other Details : Singapore / Mediacorp Audio Post More...

Crimi Clowns: De Movie (2013)

Story : Not thence earlier Ronny aka Clowns Norry in addition to his crew were at the beat of showbiz. Until he plotted out a blunder that plotted out headlines inside the tabloids…

Directed by : Luk Wyns

Category : Comedy, Crime, Drama

Other Details : 102 min / More...

The Golden Dream (2013)

Story : A pathway film just about youth Guatemalan immigrants along with their tour to the U.S.

Directed by : Diego Quemada-Díez

Category : Drama

Other Details : 108 min / Mexico / Animal de Luz Films More...

É o Amor (2013)

Story : Plot Summary Not Found

Directed by : João Canijo

Category : Adventure, Action

Other Details : 135 min (original version) / Portugal / Midas Filmes More...

The Mysterious Boy (2013)

Story : His undisclosed will grow to be their adventure.

Directed by : Drazen Zarkovic

Category : Adventure, Family

Other Details : 88 min / Croatia / Kinorama More...

Jimmy (2013/I)

Story : The tale of a emotionally challenged youngster who interacts in addition to paranormal beings he bid "Watchers".

Directed by : Mark Freiburger

Category : Drama, Family, Fantasy

Other Details : Dog Days Entertainment More...

White Lies (2013/I)

Story : A remedy woman – a giver of continuation – is want to know to hide a undisclosed which could protect solitary continuation on the distinctive hand which will exterminate another.

Directed by : Dana Rotberg

Category : Drama

Other Details : New Zealand / South More...

Apaches (2013)

Story : A assortment of gorgeous nonetheless morally bankrupt adolescents live the rapidly continuation inside the mysterious adjoining of gorgeous Corsica, nonetheless issues spiral out of manipulate while one among their total requests to accept their crimes.

Directed by : Thierry de Peretti

Category More...

Everywhen (2013)

Story : A boy must wrangle his process delight in an replacement reality, be of provision to to his own, to unless his suicidal 5-year elderly brother; while 3 billion folks are reported missing.

Directed by : Jarand Breian Herdal

Category : Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller

Other Details More...

Mi rifaccio vivo (2013)

Story : Plot Summary Not Found

Directed by : Sergio Rubini

Category : Comedy

Other Details : 109 min / Italy More...