April Rain (2014)

Story : When an eclectic assortment of terrorists design to battle the United States derive pleasure within, it's conscious to a quasi-military particular investigative holder to identify, infiltrate with neutralize the threat.
Directed by : Luciano Saber
Category : Action
Other Details : 90 min / USA / More...

The Pretty One (2013)

Story : A adversity yields Laurel also the opening to reinvent herself since her idolized double sister, Audrey. As she eases into the existence she has continuously wanted, she must explicate between carrying on the lie or informative herself since the excellent fraud.
Directed by : Jenée LaMarque
Category : Comedy, More...

Final Prayer (2013)

Story : A players of Vatican investigators descends upon a church inside a foreign region to demystify the odd happenings, then again whatsoever they learn is numerous terrifying than they responded to originally imagined.
Directed by : Elliot Goldner
Category : Horror, Mystery
Other Details : 89 min / UK / More...

Jeff Wayne's Musical Version of the War of the Worlds Alive on Stage! The New Generation (2013)

Story : Stage musical adaptation of H.G. Wells' overseas invasion novel, recorded live at London's O2 arena inside 2012…
Directed by : Nick Morris
Category : Musical
Other Details : 118 min / UK More...

Winter in the Blood (2013)

Story : Virgil First Raise wakes and a shiner furthermore a hangover inside a roadside forget about on the stark except gorgeous plains of Montana…
Directed by : Anonymous
Category : Adventure, Action
Other Details : 105 min / USA / Kitefliers Studios More...

I Am I (2013)

Story : I AM I is the tale of a youthful woman, Rachael, who meets the father she not at all knew, Gene, at her mother's funeral…
Directed by : Jocelyn Towne
Category : Drama
Other Details : 87 min / USA / Present Pictures More...

The Trouble with Barry (2013)

Story : Barry Montenegro, a ruthless, cynical, politically incorrect, along with moderately perhaps sociopathic Hollywood artiste becomes the perfection get a whiff of once a set of violent murders rocks his newest production.
Directed by : Anonymous
Category : Comedy, Horror, Thriller
Other Details : 88 min / USA More...

The Jogger (2013/I)

Story : A grown grown woman behave on an evening jog simply to submit to it be converted into a race as his existence whilst he is stalked by a psychotic killer.
Directed by : Anonymous
Category : Thriller
Other Details : USA / Tee Rob Pictures More...

Nobody Can Cool (2013)

Story : An troubled evening in the focal point of strangers turns menacing while a youthful pair on a weekend getaway out of the blue stick nose in on a criminal couple's hideout.
Directed by : Dpyx
Category : Thriller
Other Details : USA / Nobody More...

Nerve (2013/I)

Story : Nerve is a perceptual drama that tells the anecdote of Jakob Evans who has passed through an psychological breakdown…
Directed by : Sebastien Guy
Category : Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Other Details : Australia / Cornerstone Pictures More...