Quarantine L.A. (2013)

Story : A assortment of seven strangers attempt to carry on plus flee fancy secluded Los Angeles that has been infected by a strange, chap modifying virus.

Directed by : Filip Maciejewicz

Category : Horror, Sci-Fi

Other Details : 75 min / USA / Magic Elevator More...

Act Like You Love Me (2013)

Story : Kelly Lofton is a young, unbeaten dentist who has everything the material stuffs a grown-up may perhaps see for. However…

Directed by : Daniel Rodrigues Sharpe Garcia Jr.

Category : Comedy, Romance

Other Details : 88 min / USA / New Kingdom Pictures More...

Walter (2015)

Story : A ticket-taker at the local movie show believes he is the teenager of God. He has made concessions to delineate the eternal lot of everybody he comes inside to verbal exchange with.

Directed by : Anna Mastro

Category : Comedy, Drama

Other Details : 94 min / USA / Purple More...

Devil's Tower (2014)

Story : When Sid's pal play missing, he furthermore spanking new babe Sarah scrutinize disappearances inside their tower block. Uncovering the confidential of a vengeful ghost possessing a bouquet of zombies, they must bawl given that their lives – furthermore their souls.

Directed by : Owen More...

Borrowed Moments (2014) (Sleight of Hand)

Release Date : 7 February 2014
Genres : Drama, Mystery, Romance
Run Time : 90 min
Director : Doug McHenry
Stars : Brian Krause, Vanessa Marcil, Nicky Whelan
Storyline : Melissa and Ben Brenner have been simply going through the motions as a married couple, until the day Ben’s More...

Kill Buljo 2 (2013)

Story : Jompa Tormann is back, plus the entirety is better, with the exception of the humor, which is however harmful than inside the primarily picture of vengeance.

Directed by : Vegar Hoel

Category : Comedy

Other Details : Norway | Thailand / Living Films More...

Family United (2013)

Story : Five brothers reunite since a wedding ceremony at the kind estate on the daylight hours that Spain plays inside the 2010 World Cup final.

Directed by : Daniel Sánchez Arévalo

Category : Comedy

Other Details : 95 min / Spain / Atípica Films More...

Game of Assassins (2013)

Story : Five strangers wake unsleeping inside what on earth looks to engagement a dungeon, along with inside demands to escape, they got to get to rock bottom of a lot of disastrous puzzles.

Directed by : Matt Eskandari

Category : Action, Adventure, Horror

Other Details : 80 min / More...

All Stars (2014)

Story : "ALL-STARS" follows a girls' 10-year-old fastpitch softball lineup along with their compartments ready a recreation…

Directed by : Lance Kinsey

Category : Comedy

Other Details : 98 min / USA More...

La Migra (2015)

Story : Love is verified indoors criminal violence. A early life break defines these two cherish a fringes town. Romance blossoms because they dais on opposite sides of the law. They strive to untangle the cyber web that threatens their romance in addition to lives.

Directed by : Mark Maine

Category : More...