The Better Angels (2014)

Story : The anecdote of Abraham Lincoln's early life inside the rough desolate tract of Indiana along with the hardships that shaped him, the calamity that apparent him since forever along with the two grown-ups who guided him to immortality.

Directed by : A.J. Edwards

Category : Biography, More...

Walesa: Man of Hope (2013)

Story : The photo of the continuation of Nobel Peace Prize victor with founder of Poland's Solidarity movement, Lech Walesa, for occurrences inside the 1970s point to a passive revolution.

Directed by : Andrzej Wajda

Category : Biography, Drama

Other Details : 127 min / More...

Paparoti (2013)

Story : Story with some ways to a gangster who needs to engagement a tenor singer inside South Korea.

Directed by : Jong-chan Yun

Category : Biography, Drama, Music

Other Details : 127 min / South Korea / KM Culture Co. More...

9 Summers 10 Autumns (2013)

Story : A tale of wish where the lad of a homeless minibus driver inside Batu, the City of Apples inside East Java, Indonesia went on to grow to be a multinational organization director inside New York, The Big Apple.

Directed by : Ifa Isfansyah

Category : Biography, Drama, Family

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Naked Rose (2013)

Story : Full synopsis »

Directed by : Giovanni Coda

Category : Biography, Drama

Other Details : 70 min / Italy / ReindeerCatSolutions More...

Philip Roth: Unmasked (2013)

Story : Explore the continuation of Pulitzer Prize also National Book Award prevailing novelist Philip Roth, oft mentioned because the most outstanding in existence American writer.

Directed by : William Karel

Category : Biography

Other Details : USA / Cinétévé More...

Dangerous Edge: A Life of Graham Greene (2013)

Story : This picture is a figure of a person behind Graham Greene. It explores how Greene's survival both empowered colossal penning with drove him to struggle suicide…

Directed by : Thomas P. O'Connor

Category : Documentary, Biography

Other Details : USA / DeFina More...

Everybody's Gone (2013)

Story : Childhood memoirs manipulate on the sub-conscious of the fundamental character, Garry. Many time on, he income to his native town…

Directed by : Georgiy Paradzhanov

Category : Biography, Comedy, Drama

Other Details : 115 min / Russia | Georgia | Czech Republic / Atlantic More...

Return to Babylon (2013)

Story : The scandals also decadent lives of the 1920's superlative motion picture stars.

Directed by : Alex Monty Canawati

Category : Biography, Comedy, Drama, History

Other Details : 75 min (approx.) / USA / Montebello Films More...

Burning Blue (2013)

Story : Two Navy fighter pilots assess each other accompanied by a treated relationship throwing their lives in addition to professions into disarray.

Directed by : D.M.W. Greer

Category : Biography, Drama, Romance, War

Other Details : 96 min / USA / Burning Blue The Film More...