Blowtorch (2016)

Story : Blowtorch is the Brooklyn tale of Ann Willis, a lately widowed along with financially struggling, mommy of three. When her oldest teenager is murdered, she inexorably gets rid of the assessment into her own hands.

Directed by : Kevin Breslin

Category : Crime, Drama, Thriller

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Unforgiven (2013)

Story : Just because Clint Eastwood's star-making spaghetti Western A Fistful of Dollars was emboldened by Akira Kurosawa's Yojimbo…

Directed by : Sang-il Lee

Category : Action, Crime, Drama, History, Thriller

Other Details : 135 min / Japan / Nikkatsu More...

Joker Rising (2013)

Story : The dismal also indomitable chronicle of where the Joker got back bask in also how he became the swine that he is today.

Directed by : Alek Gearhart

Category : Crime

Other Details : USA:83 min / USA / Smoking Alien Productions More...

Broken Horses (2015)

Story : The alliances of brotherhood, the laws of loyalty, also the futility of violence inside the dark of the US Mexico fringes gang wars.

Directed by : Vidhu Vinod Chopra

Category : Action, Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller

Other Details : 101 min / USA / Reliance More...

Once Upon a Time in Shanghai (2014)

Story : A laborer moves to Shanghai inside the anticipate of becoming rich. But finally ends up by track of his kung fu acumen to survive.

Directed by : Ching-Po Wong

Category : Action, Crime

Other Details : 96 min / China | Hong Kong / Bona International Film Group More...

Ringside Rosary (2013)

Story : A cursed underground boxer endeavors to squash his family's habit of violence — prior to it's inherited by his son.

Directed by : Jack Eagen

Category : Action, Crime, Drama

Other Details : 104 min / USA / Down Poor Pictures More...

Oliver Twisted (2013)

Story : A juvenile Mexican kid is ripped take bliss in his Mother's arms by the ruthless slave pedaling better half plus better half squad Buzz plus Honey…

Directed by : David L. Powell III

Category : Crime, Drama, Thriller

Other Details : 75 min / USA / Pow Powell More...

Potosí (2013)

Story : An disaster along a deserted mode connects three stories, an 82 each year elderly goat herder that has not view his gun inside 40 years…

Directed by : Alfredo Castruita

Category : Crime, Drama

Other Details : 120 min / Mexico / Bisonte Rojo Films More...

Mid Life Gangster (2013)

Story : Evan "Bullet" James' father without warning dies, leaving behind Bullet ruined without his hero. Unable to traumatize his deadly loss, Bullet decides to come again to his more matured region gang, going through to get better electricity in addition to his location inside life.

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Degenerate (2012)

Story : Four punks run off the city following a midnight of violence. Seeking cover inside the Arizona desert, they will see that their friendships would merely spread thence far.

Directed by : Phil Thurman

Category : Action, Crime, Thriller

Other Details : 81 min / USA / Odessa More...