Stuck in Kathmandu (2013)

Story : A teen American traveler (Briana Kai Louis) embarks on a epic exploit to plant her grandfather's ashes to entertainment inside the more or less smart valley inside the World, "The Valley of Flowers" inside India.

Directed by : Joseph Trivigno

Category : Documentary, More...

Huguette Oligny, le gout de vivre (2013)

Story : Plot Summary Not Found

Directed by : Pascal Gélinas

Category : Documentary

Other Details : 52 min / Canada More...

Vannin' (2013)

Story : A documentary flick focusing on customized vans as at any rate as the kooky individuals that method them.

Directed by : Anonymous

Category : Documentary, Comedy, History, Sport

Other Details : 60 min / USA / Little Cabin Films More...

Winning Girl (2014)

Story : The four-year glide of a opposite sex teen judo furthermore fighting phenomenon indulge in Hawaii vying for the cause that globe competition gold.

Directed by : Kimberlee Bassford

Category : Documentary, Animation, Family, Sport

Other Details : 68 min / USA | Serbia and More...

Olga (2013/I)

Story : Dignity comes in addition to goes, excluding friends by no means return, only once misplaced

Directed by : Paul-Anders Simma

Category : Documentary, Biography, Drama, Family

Other Details : 67 min / Sweden | Norway | Finland | Russia / Safi More...

Ticket to Ride (2013/I)

Story : Plot Summary Not Found

Directed by : Max Bervy

Category : Documentary, Sport

Other Details : USA / Warren Miller Entertainment More...

A Thrilling Ride Through Kooza (2007) (V)

Story : Cirque du Soleil bestows A exciting ride ready Kooza, a enchanting documentary that gives the impression at the prolific plan of Kooza…

Directed by : Roger Cantin

Category : Documentary

Other Details : 47 min / Canada / Productions Conte More...

Smejdi (2013)

Story : Silvie Dymáková's filthy documentary uncovers the manipulation, humiliation as at any rate as difficulty that exist behind…

Directed by : Silvie Dymáková

Category : Documentary

Other Details : 78 min / Czech Republic / Ceská Televize More...

Maestro (2015/III)

Story : Maestro, a element attribute film, is a groundwork of the artistic convention ended the eyes of multi-Grammy bequest triumphing conductor Paavo Jarvi…

Directed by : David Donnelly

Category : Documentary, Adventure, Music

Other Details : 81 min / USA | Estonia | More...

Castillo De Olite: The Last Act of a Tragedy (2013)

Story : In too soon 1939, the Spanish Civil War is arriving to end. Nationals make a landing procedure unprecedented…

Directed by : Primitivo Pérez

Release Date : 2013

Cast :

Category : Documentary, Biography, Drama, History, War

Other More...