Walter (2015)

Story : A ticket-taker at the local movie show believes he is the teenager of God. He has made concessions to delineate the eternal lot of everybody he comes inside to verbal exchange with.

Directed by : Anna Mastro

Category : Comedy, Drama

Other Details : 94 min / USA / Purple More...

Borrowed Moments (2014)

Story : Melissa furthermore Ben Brenner go through been basically looking the motions because a became conjugal with couple, awaiting the day…

Directed by : Doug McHenry

Category : Drama, Mystery, Romance

Other Details : 90 min / USA / Raging Bull Entertainment More...

La Migra (2015)

Story : Love is verified indoors criminal violence. A early life break defines these two cherish a fringes town. Romance blossoms because they dais on opposite sides of the law. They strive to untangle the cyber web that threatens their romance in addition to lives.

Directed by : Mark Maine

Category : More...

Forever (2015/II)

Story : Alice is a adolescent investigative reporter. She suffers a upsetting passing away save for finds an enigmatic talk where she starts to assess her will to live along with intimacy again.

Directed by : Tatia Pilieva

Category : Drama

Other Details : 94 min / USA / Elysium More...

The Better Angels (2014)

Story : The anecdote of Abraham Lincoln's early life inside the rough desolate tract of Indiana along with the hardships that shaped him, the calamity that apparent him since forever along with the two grown-ups who guided him to immortality.

Directed by : A.J. Edwards

Category : Biography, More...

Blowtorch (2016)

Story : Blowtorch is the Brooklyn tale of Ann Willis, a lately widowed along with financially struggling, mommy of three. When her oldest teenager is murdered, she inexorably gets rid of the assessment into her own hands.

Directed by : Kevin Breslin

Category : Crime, Drama, Thriller

Other More...

Unforgiven (2013)

Story : Just because Clint Eastwood's star-making spaghetti Western A Fistful of Dollars was emboldened by Akira Kurosawa's Yojimbo…

Directed by : Sang-il Lee

Category : Action, Crime, Drama, History, Thriller

Other Details : 135 min / Japan / Nikkatsu More...

Broken Horses (2015)

Story : The alliances of brotherhood, the laws of loyalty, also the futility of violence inside the dark of the US Mexico fringes gang wars.

Directed by : Vidhu Vinod Chopra

Category : Action, Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller

Other Details : 101 min / USA / Reliance More...

Flutter (2014)

Story : With her better half elsewhere indefinitely, a juvenile mama seeks to nurture her male child inside the facial expression of poverty, ejection furthermore incarceration. FLUTTER explores the truest fondness on earth-the fondness of a mama furthermore child.

Directed by : Eric Hueber

Category : More...

Mall (2014)

Story : The lives of five disaffected suburbanites ensue mutually at a window shop shopping precinct inside the wake of one and only man's forcing spree.

Directed by : Joseph Hahn

Category : Drama

Other Details : 88 min / USA / Collective Studios, The More...