Romance (1999)

Story : Although deeply inside tenderness along furthermore her boyfriend – furthermore in truth snoozing inside the unchanged bed along furthermore him – a schoolteacher…

Directed by : Catherine Breillat

Release Date : 1999

Cast : Caroline Ducey, Sagamore More...

Monella (1998)

Story : Set inside the 1950s Italian countryside, the motion picture tells the account of Lola with Masetto, a adolescent twosome whose sentiments on premarital sexual activity be different drastically.

Directed by : Tinto Brass

Release Date : 1998

Cast : Anna Ammirati, Patrick More...

A Girl’s Affair (1992)

Directed by : Michael Morrison

Release Date : 1992

Cast : Teri Diver, Angela Faith, Sarah Jane Hamilton, Honey Jarre, Mona Lisa, Sharon Mitchell, Lacy Rose, Holly Ryder, Simone, Lilli Xene

Category : Erotic

Other Details : 85 min / USA More...

Porno Holocaust (1981)

Story : A array of castaways laundry ashore on a deserted island inside this Italian sex/gore movie. They are unaware…

Directed by : Joe D'Amato

Release Date : 1981

Cast : George Eastman as Dr. Lemoir, Dirce Funari as Simone, Annj Goren as Contessa, Mark Shannon as More...

Immagini di un convento (1979)

Story : Locked in the back of the walls of a convent are a production of attractive nuns whose promises strength one another to fail to remember the pleasures of sexual contact…

Directed by : Joe D'Amato

Release Date : 1979

Cast : Paola Senatore as Isabella, Marina More...

Caligula (1979)

Story : Details the graphic plus shocking, further undeniably damaging narrative of Romes more or less infamous Caesar, Gaius Germanicus Caligula.

Directed by : Tinto Brass, Bob Guccione

Release Date : 1979

Cast : Malcolm McDowell as Caligula, Teresa Ann Savoy as Drusilla, Guido More...

Emanuelle in America (1977)

Story : An American correspondent travels all over the universe on the take care for a satisfactory account by sealing a modern-day…

Directed by : Joe D'Amato

Release Date : 1977

Cast : Laura Gemser as Emanuelle, Gabriele Tinti as Alfredo Elvize, Duke of Mount Elba, More...

Score (1974)

Story : Liberated '70s partners seduce an extra partners into experimentation also bisexuality along with group-sex.

Directed by : Radley Metzger

Release Date : 1974

Cast : Claire Wilbur as Elvira, Calvin Culver as Eddie, Lynn Lowry as Betsy, Gerald Grant as Jack, Carl Parker More...

Nuda per Satana (1974)

Story : Italian Gothic dread that tells the story of a lady who prevents at a isolated off castle eager to get your workforce on health encourage because an wounded woman, major to interpret the residents mirror the darker sides of the woman along with himself.

Directed by : Luigi Batzella

Release Date More...

Forced Entry (1973)

Story : Crazed Vietnam weigh up hunts gulp in addition to kills women.

Directed by : Shaun Costello

Release Date : 1973

Cast : Laura Cannon as Lost Driver, Harry Reems as Gas Station Attendant (as Tim Long), Jutta David as David's Wife, Shaun Costello as David (as Helmuth More...