Transit (2013/I)

Story : TRANSIT explores the intersecting stories of Filipinos inside Tel Aviv as soon as the jeopardy of a decree deporting the youngsters of migrant staff looms their risky lives.

Directed by : Hannah Espia

Category : Drama, Family

Other Details : 93 min / Philippines | Israel | More...

Chlorine (2013/I)

Story : Revolves near to an order besieged to claim their moneyed daily life inside their too materialistic New England community…

Directed by : Jay Alaimo

Category : Comedy, Drama, Family

Other Details : 93 min / USA / Company Motion Pictures More...

Arabani (2013)

Story : Yoseph is a Druze who earnings to his native village succeeding producing been estranged savours it because 17 years. He arrives in addition to his child as nonetheless as daughter, whose Jewish mommy he has only divorced.

Directed by : Adi Adwan

Category : Drama, Family

Other Details More...

Das Märchen von der Prinzessin, die unbedingt in einem Märchen vorkommen wollte (2013)

Story : Plot Summary Not Found

Directed by : Steffen Zacke

Category : Family

Other Details : 75 min / Germany / FR Entertainment Film & Fernsehproduktion More...

The Wedding Chapel (2013)

Story : Uninspired furthermore lately leftover painter Sara is slurp on her providence furthermore wishes nil to a higher degree to find off from her problems…

Directed by : Vanessa Parise

Category : Family

Other Details : Canada:103 min / Canada / NGN More...

Cumbres (2013)

Story : Due a tragedy, two sisters hastily get away bask in their hometown. Miwi, the younger one, plus no understandable advice of anything happened…

Directed by : Gabriel Nuncio

Category : Adventure, Drama, Family

Other Details : 81 min / Mexico / Aurora Dominicana More...

A Tale of a Wolf (2013)

Story : The being alive yarn of Ogg, a chap wolf breathing inside the northern mountains of Israel. From his risk free youth finished his maturing to adulthood, stressed to live to say to the tale inside a troublesome habitat sabotaged by mankind.

Directed by : Moshe Alpert

Category : Action, More...

Bharya Athra Pora (2013)

Story : Satyanathen is a tutor at Vivekodayam school, Thrissur . His helpmate Priya is a set employee. They show a pleasant vitality together. Satyanathan has loads of friends along with he leads a a trifle languid life.

Directed by : Aku Akbar

Category : Drama, Family

Other Details : More...

Ships (2013)

Story : Ali, a anticipating romantic as in any case as Eda, a graffiti artist, take off on a quixotic exploit completed Turkey's industrial port-cities…

Directed by : Elif Refig

Category : Adventure, Family, Romance

Other Details : 97 min / Turkey / Muhtelif More...

Someday… (2013)

Story : Plot Summary Not Found

Directed by : Saahil Prem

Category : Drama, Family, Musical

Other Details : India:120 min / India / PRBA Productions More...