Simply Complex (2013)

Story : Trying to comprehension the involvedness of the genome perform hand inside hand plus the technology to find out it…
Directed by : Cameron Duguid
Category : Documentary, Animation, Short, News
Other Details : 10 min / UK More...

East End Journey (2013)

Story : A glide across Glasgow's subsistence expectancy statistics, to the East End, where the city is blighted by…
Directed by : Lindsay Goodall
Category : Documentary, Short, News
Other Details : 10 min / UK More...

Cedarliberty (2013)

Story : The spontanepous intersection of lone artists' workshop blown out plus the planet blown inside throughout the fall apart of the World Trade Towers.
Directed by : Anonymous
Category : Documentary, Short, Biography, History, News
Other Details : 13 min / USA More...

We Have to Talk About Hunger (2012)

Story : Vermont is one in all the certain eye-catching spots to live inside the United States. It claims to troth the healthiest insistence inside the union…
Directed by : Alison Segar
Release Date : 2012
Category : Documentary, Short, Family, News
Other Details : 81 min / USA More...

Anti-Semitism: A Juggling View (2011)

Story : A flick caving in an informative juggling watch of anti-Semitism. The flick was plotted out to add to attention around anti-Semitism.
Directed by : Kene Lewis
Release Date : 2011
Cast : Kene Lewis as Juggler
Category : Family, History, News
Other Details : 5 min / USA / More...

Passing Through (2011)

Story : PASSING THROUGH explores the anxiety between depiction furthermore mental picture for it records a distance fancy Tokyo to Ishinomaki, Japan inside May 2011.
Directed by : Rob Sabal
Release Date : 2011
Category : News
Other Details : 7 min / USA | Japan / More...

Seven Africans (2011)

Story : In the eighteen days because Renewed World was commenced its four founders labor under been had a dead night on the tiles the globe…
Directed by : Tes Noah Asfaw
Release Date : 2011
Cast : Edmund Dehn as Anthony, Andrew Alston as Interviewer, Gunter Würger as Hans, Tova Leigh as Alison, Matt Warman More...

Clash in the College (2011)

Story : Clash inside the College is a research of clashes that emerge inside the lives of college students while radical ideologies erupt inside their midst…
Directed by : Paul Kattupalli
Release Date : 2011
Cast : Lynn Mastio Rice as Dr. Selma Hicks, Philip Narsh as Quinton, Jerry Pietrala as Professor Harvey, More...

Be a Millionaire with Ishah (2011)

Story : Plot Summary Not Found
Directed by : Laurah Guillén
Release Date : 2011
Cast : Angela as Herself, Laurah Guillén as Herself, Clement Humbard as Himself, Frances Humbard as Herself, Ryan as Himself, Nate Shelby as Himself Directed by Laurah Guillén   Writing credits Laurah More...

One Shot (2011)

Story : Imagine the Green Movement attaining a gun. When the long period of time comes to revise the world, Jim Jones has decided…
Directed by : Nick Trivundza
Release Date : 2011
Cast : Reed Daniels as Jim Jones, Erin Gilley as Rachel Harrison, Cole Panther as Elliot Richard, Lexie Findarle Trivundza as More...