Quarantine L.A. (2013/I)

Story : A assortment of seven strangers attempt to carry on plus flee fancy secluded Los Angeles that has been infected by a strange, chap modifying virus.

Directed by : Filip Maciejewicz

Category : Horror, Sci-Fi

Other Details : 75 min / USA / Magic Elevator More...

Black Box (2012/II)

Story : Vastly dissimilar individuals collide since an abnormal black box shows the owner whatsoever he certain desires, nonetheless revenge comes inside the sort of an immortal assassin.

Directed by : Matthew Schilling

Category : Sci-Fi

Other Details : 83 min / Canada / Give Me More...

Dysmorphia (2014)

Story : Struggling siblings find out their frozen uncle's hush hush stash of astray panic films on videotape. The "tapes" mark demented solicitors…

Directed by : Anonymous

Category : Comedy, Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller

Other Details : 88 min / USA / Psykik Junky More...

Darkfall Resurrection (2013)

Story : Anonymous Set inside outer space, on the globe Akoh, The elder Zeav Keela tells his very last fairy-tale to a grouping of students…

Directed by : William Goldwyn

Category : Romance, Sci-Fi

Other Details : 70 min / Australia / Dreamquest Productions Australia More...

Avalanche Sharks (2013) (TV)

Story : Avalanche Sharks tells the chronicle of a bikini tourney that turns into a eldritch responsibility once it is happen on by a shark avalanche.

Directed by : Scott Wheeler

Category : Action, Horror, Sci-Fi

Other Details : 82 min / Canada / Odyssey Media More...

Way Down in Chinatown (2014)

Story : A playwright also his director better half are striving to generate a immense play, jiffy the universe on the theme of one another is steadily ending.

Directed by : Eric Michael Kochmer

Category : Comedy, Horror, Sci-Fi

Other Details : 83 min | USA:90 min / USA / Lionfish More...

They Call Me Superseven (2015)

Story : The evil T.H.E.Y. bureau is out to bring to a standstill first love T.H.E.M. agent, Sandra West. Can Superseven obstruct Their, (T.H.E.Y.'s) become more matured at plan?

Directed by : Anonymous

Category : Action, Comedy, Sci-Fi

Other Details : 85 min / USA / 60 Second More...

Sucker (2013)

Story : Down on his good fortune as anyways as unlikely hero, Jim Crawley is stimulating the vilest daytime of his down life. He decides to whole it the conclude lot as anyways as also fails at that. An incredible occurrence allow the conclude lot as anyways as he becomes a half man/half creature.

Directed by : Michael More...

Gizem Birimi (2013)

Story : In 2012, an unexplained flying groan crashes inside Turkey. The government establishes a really unique oomph to explore for the ground that the truth.

Directed by : Erkut Altindag

Category : Sci-Fi

Other Details : Turkey:95 min / Turkey / Aver Production More...

Love & Teleportation (2013)

Story : Brian Owens was only once a chief professor of quantum mechanics pending an mishap stripped him of his…

Directed by : Troy McGatlin

Category : Romance, Sci-Fi

Other Details : 92 min / USA / McGatlin Films More...