My Last Valentine in Beirut (2011)

Story : The correct account of a counterfeit identity. Is she a prostitute that will commit suicide or a housewife postponement given that her adolescents furthermore husband?

Directed by : Salim el Turk

Release Date : 2011

Cast : Lorraine Kodeih as Juliet, Ziad Said as Joe, Aziz Abdo as Aziz, Shady Hanna as Salim hanna, Paul Matar as Intiharco man, Pedros as Pedros, Ghassan Khairallah as Client 1, Abdo Bitar as Uncle, Assaad Tarabay as Mr. Lebanon, Ziad Saroukh as Bar client, Adonis Hakim as Friend

Category : Comedy, Fantasy, Musical, Romance

Other Details : 85 min / Lebanon /