The Lies We Tell But the Secrets We Keep (2011)

Story : A uncontrollable urban picture close to two grown grown-up persons plus poles apart lifestyles who disintegrate affection in addition develop into wedged inside a precarious affection triangle where lies…

Directed by : Coquie Hughes

Release Date : 2011

Cast : Anita Nicole Brown as Evette, Nefra Burlock as Roxy, Beverly Chick as Alex, Shavar D. Clark as Floyd, Lawrence Davis as Mickey Redd, Andrea V. Dean as Bri, Gary Flowers as Drug Dealer On Block, Oliver Floyd as Black, Danielle Jones as Simone, Rondala Kelly as Tic Toc, Milon Parker as Roni, Milon V. Parker as Roni

Category : Drama

Other Details : USA:90 min / USA / MVP Productions