Forever (2015/II)

Story : Alice is a adolescent investigative reporter. She suffers a upsetting passing away save for finds an enigmatic talk where she starts to assess her will to live along with intimacy again.

Directed by : Tatia Pilieva

Category : Drama

Other Details : 94 min / USA / Elysium More...

The Better Angels (2014)

Story : The anecdote of Abraham Lincoln's early life inside the rough desolate tract of Indiana along with the hardships that shaped him, the calamity that apparent him since forever along with the two grown-ups who guided him to immortality.

Directed by : A.J. Edwards

Category : Biography, More...

Blood Shed (2014)

Story : A vagrant loner moves into a self-storage service since longing his past, save for quickly he grasps that this vicinity is human being haunted by a deranged woman folk ghost.

Directed by : Anonymous

Category : Horror

Other Details : 94 min / USA / Enderby More...

Kochadaiiyaan (2014)

Story : A saga of vengeance undertaken by a male child since his father's talk about furthermore his kingdom.

Directed by : Soundarya R. Ashwin

Category : Animation, Action, Adventure, History

Other Details : 124 min / India / Media One Global Entertainment More...

Blowtorch (2016)

Story : Blowtorch is the Brooklyn tale of Ann Willis, a lately widowed along with financially struggling, mommy of three. When her oldest teenager is murdered, she inexorably gets rid of the assessment into her own hands.

Directed by : Kevin Breslin

Category : Crime, Drama, Thriller

Other More...

Judas Ghost (2013)

Story : A players of authority ghost finders are caught up inside an old-time village hall. The haunting they began examine turns out to troth far-flung more regretful than they anticipated. Who will live on along with whatsoever will troth gone of their souls?

Directed by : Simon Pearce

Category : More...

The Wipers Times (2013) (TV)

Story : Just behind the First World War Fred Roberts works given that a post because a newspaper correspondent as nonetheless as tells the sub-editor how…

Directed by : Andy De Emmony

Category : War

Other Details : 92 min / UK / Trademark Productions More...

Unforgiven (2013)

Story : Just because Clint Eastwood's star-making spaghetti Western A Fistful of Dollars was emboldened by Akira Kurosawa's Yojimbo…

Directed by : Sang-il Lee

Category : Action, Crime, Drama, History, Thriller

Other Details : 135 min / Japan / Nikkatsu More...

Prague (2013)

Story : A city also a precedent days of heritage, myth in addition to superstition. A mad originator also hang ups in addition to delusions just about fondness in addition to life…

Directed by : Ashish R. Shukla

Category : Mystery, Romance, Thriller

Other Details : 109 min More...

Joker Rising (2013)

Story : The dismal also indomitable chronicle of where the Joker got back bask in also how he became the swine that he is today.

Directed by : Alek Gearhart

Category : Crime

Other Details : USA:83 min / USA / Smoking Alien Productions More...