Burlesque (2010/I)

Story : A small-town gal ventures to Los Angeles plus finds her neighborhood inside a neo-burlesque confederacy pour by a previous dancer.

Directed by : Steve Antin

Release Date : 2010

Cast : Cher as Tess, Christina Aguilera as Ali, Eric Dane as Marcus, Cam Gigandet as Jack, More...

Flipped (2010)

Story : Two eighth graders advent to submit to thoughts given that self regardless of personality quantity opposites. Based on the greenhorn "Flipped" by Wendelin Van Draanen.

Directed by : Rob Reiner

Release Date : 2010

Cast : Madeline Carroll as Juli Baker, Callan More...

TRON: Legacy (2010)

Story : The lad of a virtual globe dressmaker move searching given that his father as in any case as finishes up in the digital globe that his father designed. He meets his father's creation rotated horrific as in any case as a exclusive relief who was born in the digital kingdom of The Grid.

Directed by : Joseph More...

Trust (2010/I)

Story : A young babe is targeted by an visit cyberspace sexual predator.

Directed by : David Schwimmer

Release Date : 2010

Cast : Clive Owen as Will, Catherine Keener as Lynn, Liana Liberato as Annie, Jason Clarke as Doug Tate, Viola Davis as Gail Friedman, Chris Henry Coffey as More...

Winter's Bone (2010)

Story : An unflinching Ozark Mountain damsel hacks done unsafe social terrain for she hunts slurp her drug-dealing father minute attempting to hold her compartment intact.

Directed by : Debra Granik

Release Date : 2010

Cast : Jennifer Lawrence as Ree, Isaiah Stone as Sonny, Ashlee More...

Shutter Island (2010)

Story : Drama compilation inside 1954, U.S. Marshal Teddy Daniels is researching the disappearance of a murderess who escaped take entertaining in a sickbay given that the criminally fanatical also is presumed to troth hiding nearby.

Directed by : Martin Scorsese

Release Date : 2010

Cast More...

Shrek Forever After (2010)

Story : Rumpelstiltskin lighting tricks a mid-life misfortune burdened Shrek into letting himself to troth erased cherish days also section inside a shadowy substitute timeline where Rumpel styles supreme.

Directed by : Mike Mitchell

Release Date : 2010

Cast : Mike Myers as Shrek More...

Get Him to the Greek (2010)

Story : A chronicle agency intern is hired to go with out-of-control British rock celebrity Aldous Snow to a performance at L.A.'s Greek Theater.

Directed by : Nicholas Stoller

Release Date : 2010

Cast : Russell Brand as Aldous Snow, Rose Byrne as Jackie Q, Tyler McKinney as More...

Clash of the Titans (2010)

Story : The mortal teenager of the god Zeus embarks on a perilous trip to bring to a close the underworld also its minions take amusement in reaching their evil to Earth furthermore the heavens.

Directed by : Louis Leterrier

Release Date : 2010

Cast : Sam Worthington as Perseus, More...

Eat Pray Love (2010)

Story : A connubial mature person fathoms how down her conjugal relationship truly is, in addition to that her survival involves to set off inside a peculiar direction. After a throbbing divorce, she soars on a round-the-world voyage to "find herself".

Directed by : Ryan Murphy

Release Date More...